Product list isn't just enough!

Create widgets and populate them on your app home screen. You can also create custom pages to display widgets. Your app gets updated dynamically when you make the changes. Manage all these from your dashboard.

Product Scroller

Neatly group a collection of your products using scrollers. You can also make scrollers for recent products, featured, etc.

Image Slider

An automated image slider to display a group of images. Utilize this to show offers, featured product details etc.


A banner can be used to display a fixed image of your product, offer, holiday wishes, coupons etc.

WooCommerce app widgets
Menu Widget

Create small menu widget to link users to different product, product list, in-app page or even to open web pages, send e-mail etc.

HTML Widget

Display any custom HTML content! You can use this to bring up any special notice.

Image Grid

Image grid helps you to nicely display images and link them to product, category, in-app page etc.

Navigation Menu

Your product categories reflect in navigation menu of your WooCommerce App. You can update navigation menu yourself from the dashboard and app gets updated every time you make a change.


Opens up your selected product category.

In-App page

Opens up your selected in-app page.


Opens up your selected product in detail page.


Loads a webpage you provide, inside app.

External Link

Loads a webpage you provide, in a browser.


Dials to the number you provide.


E-mail composer opens up with send id as provided.

Zopim chat

Opens up zopim chat screen.

WooCommerce android push notification

Push Notification
Made easier.

Reach out to your customer

Send custom push notification to your customers directly from your dashboard. It will reach all devices installed with your app instantly. Engage your users more with your store by sending new arrivals, discounts, wishes etc.

You can have custom action for your messages.


Turn insights into action

Get detailed statistics about your app traffic, user behavior etc. Demographic segmentation, including age, gender, and location, available out-of-the-box.

View all analytics in your Firebase dashboard.

WooCommerce app analytics

Multilingual support

Localize your WooCommerce store app with your language. You can also have multiple languages and edit each words of the app!

You can also turn your app Right-To-Left.

WooCommerce Mobile App Multilingual
WooCommerce App Facebook Login
Facebook Login

Let your users authenticate using their Facebook accounts.

Zopim Chat

Chat directly with your customers.

WooCommerce App Zopim support

Let your customers make a list of products they wish to buy.

Filter & Sort

Sort and filter to find desired product easily.

All payment gateways

Support all payment gateways you provide in your website.

Guest checkout

Users can shop without logging in.

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