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E-Commerce Native App Push Notifications

Increase conversion rates with Deep Linking Push Notifications in you E-Commerce apps. Engaging customers is now easy by sending personalised push notifications. If you look for Quality and Performance, Appmaker is the best! Make your apps for WooCommerce iOS and Android devices. And start start your M-Commerce journey.

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Order Status Notification

Notifying the customers about the product orders they have made. Whenever the app owner changes the order status, automated ‘Order status’ notifications are sent to the user’s device.

Deep Link Push Notification for E-Commerce Apps

Sending notifications for a product launch and offers are quite common. Generally, the users are brought into the home page of the app which leaves them wondering about the offer that was mentioned on the homepage. Instead, direct the customers to the exact product or product with appmaker’s ACTION set.

Top features

Top features of your App

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Open product

A new offer for a particular product on your e-commerce store?
With Open Product as the Action, you can direct the customers into a particular product which you want them to see. With the open product as the action, you can avoid getting distracted within the app.

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Open category

Planning to give a massive discount for a special category of product?
With Open Category as the Action, you can direct the customers into a particular category which you want them to see. With the open category as the action, you can plan on directing users to categories that sell more during discounts.

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Product tag

New full sleeve T-shirts at your store? Indeed, Product tags are for this purpose. Tag them all.
Are there any products in your store which comes under the same tags? Use Product Tag to drive customers attention to products under the same tag.

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Open Webview

The web view of a page, product or anything within the app can be displayed using this option.
This is possible by setting Open Webview as the action.

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Open URL

Getting the users to your E-Commerce website is now possible from the app.
Setting Open URL as the action will open the URL which is specified.

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Open In-app page

A particular In-App page can be opened when a user clicks on the push notifications.
If you have created an In-app page for offers alone, Open In-App page will be more appropriate.

Deeplinked Push notification for E-Commerce app has worked wonders for us and we are always thankful for Appmaker.xyz.

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