WooCommerce Simple Auctions

If you are looking for building a professional auction that works as an eBay with, regular, proxy, sealed, and reverse auctions along with your normal products. Then this plugin is for you. It’s really easy to set up and use but provides you standard professional auction website. You will be provided to have a wide range of customization which can be done easily and start your auction website within 30 minutes. 


This plugin comes with many features some are listed below if you need to know more you can find them on the main page of the plugin.

  1. Compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
  2. A winning badge will be shown on the thumbnail of the auction when your customer is logged in and winning an auction.
  3. Provides auction for virtual and downloadable products
  4. You can relist the auction manually or automatically when there is no bid or paid in time.
  5. Separate page for the user’s to show their auctions ongoing in the list.
  6. Provides Email notification which can be customized to notify about the bids, new auctions, activity, ending date, etc.
  7. Shows an auction icon on the thumbnail on the auction product.
  8. Provide Lots of shortcodes for customization and integration.
  9. For the auction, you can set the start and end times.
  10. You can also define the start price, price increment, reserve price, buy it now price.
  11. Filter auctions and sort them in the product list.
  12. Able to delete bid manually

Auction tab in product dataWooCommerce product list with auctionsMy auctionsCouple widgetsAuctions

Use this WooCommerce plugin for your store


Follow the steps to install the plugin

  1. Download the zip file from the plugin page click here to download
  1. After the download goes to your WordPress admin page select Plugins.
  1. Select Add New
  1. Then click Upload Plugin
  1. Click the choose file and choose the downloaded file.
  1. After uploading click install and activate the plugin
  1. After installation, you can add auction on your products on your website