WooCommerce JNE Shipping

Are you fed up with managing the shipping costs and services of your WooCommerce store manually? Now you can relax with the help of the WooCommerce JNE Shipping plugin. This is considered to be one of the most mandatory plugins for every WooCommerce store. It integrates the shipping cost with the total purchase of the customer at checkout. . It allows the customers to inspect their shipping costs whenever needed easily on the product page. The plugin assigns a regular delivery price for easy use. Also, it integrates the related provinces, cities, and districts so that the customers can fill the checkout form very easily.

Above all, the WooCommerce JNE Shipping plugin has got several powerful features that can benefit both the users and customers. It allows the shipping calculation feature based on the cart page that includes the calculation based on weight and volumetrics.   Also, the plugin is regularly updated. And provides full support to the users 24/7.


  • Allows free shipping features for the city or province you want. Also, free shipping can be granted on making a minimum purchase.
  • Enables impressive insurance features.
  • Ensures the safe packing of the products. This includes timber packing features for fragile items. And the packing cost will be added to the checkout.
  • Allows the customers to track their shipments with the JNE Tracking Widget.
  • Sends receipt numbers automatically to customers.
  • Avails special packing features that include packing using cardboard, wrapping paper, etc. And the additional charges can be added for the packing easily.

The WooCommerce JNE shipping plugin provides the shipping costs which were calculated and added to your customer’s final checkout price. It comes with a lot of features and is a really powerful plugin.


As a plugin, it comes with a lot of features you can get more details from the main page. You can get more features by buying our exclusive for more custom features.

  1. Provides you an option for free shipping.
  2. You can add additional features packing.
  3. Provides better support and free updates.
  4. The whole calculation of shipping is done and shown on the cart page
  1. Shipping can be calculated depending upon the province, cities, interconnected subdistricts.

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