WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

We know as an eCommerce store admin we keep getting more cart abandonments every time, it quite normal cause research shows about 60% to 80% of customers going to check out won’t complete the purchase even the best-optimized checkout system can have around 20%. So the reality we can’t get that percentage to complete zero but we can reduce it. This is where our plugin coming to use. The WooCommerce Plugin for Car Abandonment Recovery can reduce cart abandonment by capturing the email address of the customer of users on the checkout page. If your customer didn’t complete the purchase after some time it starts sending automated emails for following up, which can be customized by yourself. 

You can customize the emails to remind your customer to buy the product in the cart, ask for feedback, or even offer your customer an exclusive discount to entice your customer to complete the purchase. 


Unique and distinct checkout links

This plugin can help you send unique emails for each customer, which means if a customer fills any info in the forms before checkout when they click this link they will be directed to the page where they abandoned, no data is removed and the forms will persist the data the customer has entered. This makes resuming the process makes so easy for the customer and hence more conversion.

Show GDPR Compliant

You can use this plugin to optionally show a GDPR notice on a checkout page.

Best Templates for Follow up Emails

For those follow-up emails, writing it manually is really hard and timeconsuming work in the first place, So we can help you by providing conversion tested email templates.

Create Webhooks For marketing

You can use marketing tools like Active Campaign, campaign monitor, etc. This plugin integrates those tools through webhook easily.

Add Exclusive Coupon Code to Emails

You can use this plugin to generate limited-time Unique coupons for discount to make your shoppers buy the product and complete the purchase, these coupon can be sent through the automated email.

Providing Full Report For the Plugin

You can check how the plugin is working by getting a full report of the plugin working behind the scenes and recovering abandoned carts.

Download this plugin for your WooCommerce Store