WooCommerce Bookings

One of the best ways to save time and effort is by letting customers book at their convenience. This plugin helps your customer to book a reservation, appointments, or book your product/service. This way helps you more time and no phone calls needed. In this plugin your customer and select a time that is best for them although making the process more flexible. Also, you can select some days off so you can tell the customers that the off days are unbookable.


Choose One-on-One or multiperson events.

You can set the limit for the number of participants, Also can limit the booking to one at a time for appointments.

Show Availability in the Customers Time zone

If you are having customers from different countries having different time zones, this plugin shows the availability and timings of your service depending upon your customer’s timezone. It is perfect for virtual classes, online appointments, etc.

Provides Confirmation And Offer Free Cancellation

You can set up confirmation for the bookings, it helps you to have time to review to make the booking official. This plugin can help you in contact with your customer by automatically sending out reminders leading up to booking to reduce the workload.

Providing Follow Up with Sending Reminders

You can use this plugin to remind your customers about their appointments with notification emails, When the customer makes a reservation, confirmed, and a day before the appointment. You can also more mails from your site itself.

Avoids Double Booking

You can avoid double-booking in this plugin. It is done by assigning the resources to a particular booking. If a bride books a fitting and stylist from 2:00 to 3:30. The stylist will not be available for the bride thus scheduling the fitting to 3:00. You will never have to worry about offering the same resource to two customers at the same time.

Better Calendar Management And Syncing With Google Calendar

You can use the calendars provided to manage and plan your months and the booking dates according to it. Also can add off days and holidays in it which you can make those days unavailable for booking. If you are getting customer booking through phone calls you can manually enter the booking details directly into the calendar in real-time. These bookings automatically sync with the google calendar, no need for a manual entry. You can see the reflected data on the google calendar within 60 seconds.

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