WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

While running a WooCommerce store you have to ensure that the customers are completely satisfied with the purchase experience. To flourish your WooCommerce store, you have to extend its service all around the world. But several hindrances come on your path while doing this. One of the biggest problems encountered is currency conversion. However, the WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter plugin comes with the solution for this problem. It is considered a must-have currency converter for WooCommerce if you want to expand your sales all across the world ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is the most complete WooCommerce currency converter in the market.

The currencies of different countries are made available by the plugin, from which the users can choose their preferred one. The plugin also has the provision to automatically set the currency using geolocation. It provides 24/7 support with a highly user-friendly interface. This currency converter plugin is easily customizable so that you can have a different format, different number of decimals, etc. for the currencies as required. The exchange rates are updated automatically every 24 hours, thereby ensuring more efficient working. Therefore, the WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter is the most reliable, safest, and easy-to-use currency converter plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Main Features of WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

The plugin offers two currency conversion modes:

  1. Payment is carried out in the base currency itself. And the conversion is just for user reference.
  2. Complete conversion of currency for the whole transaction.

It easily integrates with all the popular payment gateways like PayPal, etc. This is currency converter for WooCommerce also integrates with several plugins and extensions such as:

  1. WooCommerce Reports
  2. Cache plugins such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.
  3. Price filter widget.

This WooCommerce currency converter plugin is:

  • Adaptable to price ranges, discounts, variations, coupons, etc.
  • Fully customizable and allows CSS rules, custom JavaScript, and WordPress filters.
  • compatible to insert switcher with a widget, shortcode or PHP function.
  • supportive of multiple free currency exchange rate APIs like Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank, etc.
  • It also allows translation, with English and Polish versions already supplied by the plugin. Also supports blank po/mo files where you can make your own translation.

Additional Features

  • Follows WordPress and WooCommerce coding standards.
  • Exchange rates are updated automatically every 24 hours.
  • Notifies through email if the update system fails.
  • Make use of WooCommerce Settings API to provide a more consistent experience to the admins.
  • Enables the Geolocation feature.

Want this Currency Converter for WooCommerce?

Go to the link below and download the plugin, scroll down to know the Installation and Working of the plugin

Installation and Working

  • Navigate to the Dashboard. Click on Add New Plugins and install the WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter plugin. Once the installation is complete, Activate the plugin.
  • Go to the Settings option in WooCommerce and select Currency.
  • Now on the Currencies page, you will get the options to Add Currency, custom money signs, and update all rates. Also, this page helps in the customization of the currency like reducing the number of decimals, etc. to make the prices look more friendly.
  • On the Options page, you can edit the Currency aggregator, currency storage, auto-update, price format, money signs, payment rules, etc.
  • The Side switcher page helps you to optimize the display of the rates which specifies its position, color, etc.
  • Go to the GeoIP page, edit the GeoIP rules and profiles as required.
  • You can set up the Payment behavior on the Payments page.
  • 0n the Advanced settings page, you can set up individual fixed prices rules, fixed amounts for coupons, individual fixed amounts for shipping, etc.
  • To add a currency switcher to our site go to the Widgets option from Appearance.
  • Add the WooCommerce currency converter widget to the sidebar.
  • Edit the Widget settings as required. And finally, click on Save.
  • Now you can see that the currency converter is added to our site. Here you can switch the currencies as required.


The most important attribute while running a WooCommerce store is to attract people from all over the world and thereby expand the store worldwide. Since different countries use different currencies, it becomes difficult for the WooCommerce store to reach everywhere and this affects its success.

So the WooCommerce currency converter plugin helps to make this task easy by its currency switching feature. The plugin converts the currencies as per the location of the customers and makes the purchase easier. Thus you can easily flourish your WooCommerce store worldwide with the help of this plugin and skyrocket your sales.