WC Vendors

Do you wish to create a multi-vendor marketplace of your own? Then now you can sit back and relax because the perfect solution for this is there with you. All your desires can be fulfilled with the help of the WC Vendors Marketplace plugin. It offers you the possibility to build your own marketplace. And allows the vendors to sell physical, digital, or variable products on your marketplace. WC Vendors marketplace is considered to be the perfect option to build a marketplace and receive money from every sale. 

You can build a diverse range of marketplaces using the WC Vendors marketplace. This includes Online Art Gallery, Local Farmers market, handmade Furniture, Cooking Classes, Auction site, and much more. The plugin lays no limitations on the numbers of vendors or products in your marketplace. You can create subscription products, booking products, and even auction with the help of integrated plugins. Above all, it provides an advanced commission system that lets you set commissions for specific situations. These commissions can be fixed, or based on percentage, etc. 

Also, you can provide Vendor membership using WC Vendors Membership. It proffers you the opportunity to create and sell membership plans to different vendors. This even allows you to manage the products each vendor sells by setting limits on the products, storage, etc. It offers the provision to create different plans, set plan based commissions. And also allows a subscription system for your vendors. The WooCommerce Subscriptions helps you to build a membership marketplace from anywhere with the least effort quickly. These are the reasons why WC Vendors Marketplace plugin has become the best choice for every WooCommerce user.

Performance Characteristics

  • Ease of Use

Provides a Setup Wizard that helps you guide during the set up of your marketplace. Thus it makes working easier.

  • Efficient Handling of the Marketplace

Effectively controls the marketplace features which include vendor registration, product publishing, customer information for the vendors, etc. 

  • Store Customization

Provides vendor specific shortcodes for admins to customize the site. Also provides several options to style and design your store proficiently.

  • Compatible plugins for Shipping

It is compatible with several Shipping plugins such as Table Rate Shipping for WC Vendors, Marketship, WC UPS Shipping plugin, etc.

  • Compatible payment Gateways

It is compatible with more than 100 payment gateways. Also allows you to pay the vendors through your marketplace. The compatible vendor payment gateways include mangoPay for WooCommerce, Stripe, Square payment gateway for WooCommerce Vendors, etc.

  • Interesting Features of Vendor Stores and Vendor Dashboard
  1. Allows separate stores and unique URLs for the sellers.
  2. Customizable storefronts through different templates.
  3. Allows the vendors to highlight the shipped orders.
  4. Provides the fundamental frontend dashboard for sales and reports.
  5. Enables Order Export.

Download this multivendor plugin for WooCommerce