Ultimate WooCommerce Brands

If your WooCommerce store contains products from different brands. Then this plugin is for you. You can add different brands into your store and include many features like,

  1. Unlimited brand categories
  1. Brand names displaying on product pages.
  1. Brand names can be displayed on category pages or any other product listing pages.
  1. Depending upon brands your customer can sort or filter the products.
  2. Provides a sidebar for showing the brand list.
  1. Works with any theme which supports WooCommerce.
  2. Very Responsive elements and pages and Translation Ready.

The features shown below are available in the PRO version,

  1. Provides logo for the brands
  2. The product page can show the brand name/logo.
  3. Providing Brand listings with ABC filtering (with logos, title, counts).
  4. Responsive Brand slider with touch support.
  5. Generates shortcodes ease of use.

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