Store Hours Manager for WooCommerce

If you have a business like restaurants or any other store which will be open in certain hours a day. You can use this plugin to easily set up the timing to show your customer to show the timing for orders and when you can order the product when the order is not available. Using this functionality you can manage the WooCommerce checkout by disabling it in off-hours and turning it on open hours. If the store is closed, no orders will be processed and checkout is disabled for the customer. You can schedule every timing to automatically open and close your store checkout system depending upon your business needs.


The Store Hours Scheduler plugin comes with some features which are shown below, you can have extra features by buying the Pro-Addons of the plugin. The extra features and addons are explained in detail on the main plugin page.

  1. You can customize the timing schedule daily and hourly for store hours.
  2. Provides automatic enabling and disabling checkout depending upon the custom time schedules.
  3. This plugin can show a custom wide banner on your store in order to show whether your store is closed for ordering or not. 
  4. You can override the ongoing time schedule if you want to close the ordering for rush times.

Get this plugin for your WooCommerce store


Follow the steps to install the plugin

  1. Download the zip file from the plugin page click here to download
  1. After the download goes to your WordPress admin page select Plugins.
  1. Select Add New
  1. Then click Upload Plugin
  1. Click the choose file and choose the downloaded file.
  1. After uploading click install.
  1. After installation, Activate The Plugin
  1. After installation, you can set the the open and close hours of your store in the plugin settings in WooCommerce->Store Hours. 
  1. After entering the details, you can see an alert box showing the store is closed and the add to cart button will be removed when the store is closed.

In the Website:

In Mobile App: