SkyVerge – WooCommerce Order Status Manager

One of the best ways to increase conversion in your store is to establish trust with your customer in the form of communication. If you want that establishment then this plugin is for you. The WooCommerce Order Status plugin is basically used for providing an adequate status report of the orders which are issued by the customer. Through this way your customer can easily track their orders as well as make your website look more legit and transparent. Which inturn makes more conversion in the future.


Custom Statuses  for WooCommerce Order Status

The Order Status manager provided allows you to edit, create, and delete custom order statuses and integrate them into your workflow. You can also edit co order statuses and trigger new order emails based on the changes in the status.

For new orders you can send email which can be triggered as an order status change notifier. You can trigger emails for changing the core statuses or custom statuses.

Provide Statuses for New Orders

You can add statuses for new orders and choose the icon to display in the list of orders. There are action buttons which can also be added if this will be used as “next status” by another status in your order flow.You can add next statuses for determining which action buttons should be displayed for this status.

Display Stats into to your Customer

You customers can get frustrated by order management when you can’t show where their orders are. Just by adding names for statuses like “Manufacturing”, Assembling etc. cant convince your customer exactly how their order is. So in order to make it more easy you can add a description in the status explaining what type of processes are doing on your order right which makes the whole process much more transparent.

Core Status can be Edited

Core WooCommerce Order Statuses can be edited to add “next statuses”. For order processing, you can add a custom status as a next status, which will display a custom status action button for processing orders. This makes the order management process much easier and fast and use, and in the order’s workflows, the custom statuses are completely integrated.

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