Product Add-Ons

The WooCommerce Product Add-On plugin helps your customer for personal customization over the products available in your store. Consider a situation as if you have a necklace at a fair price in your store. But that same necklace is sold in another store. So this makes a competition between your store and their store. In this situation, you can win a sale by providing personal customization. You can add this customization feature within minutes using the product addon. Through this customer can personalize their own products, so we don’t need any follow-up emails before they are done checking out.


Provides Unique Shopping Experience

You can add options using checkboxes, dropdown, text boxes, text areas, custom price inputs, and even images. Also, add-ons can be added globally or per-product from the product page.

You can show the changes made to the product in its image itself. So the customer can see how their products look after their customization. This plugin also helps your customer to choose a few pre-defined options with a drop-down field for your addon. Also provides a text field for adding custom messages which can be printed on the product which the customer is buying. Checkboxes are also provided to the customer through this addon for adding any special gift wrapping or any other options, it depends upon your product.

Flexible Pricing Structure

This add-on can help better pricing depending upon your products. If you are selling your products which are doing as an artwork. You can ask your customer to name their price, which is good for the tip, donation, and gratuity. Also, add-ons can be priced and will be added to the product’s pricing if needed. These plugins also help you add a flat fee and percentage fee, where a flat fee is a price charged regardless of how many products is been purchased. This is perfect for one setup or a rush fee.

And percentage fee is charged based on the Add-on added to the product. Which the price of the addon is calculated as a percentage of the total price. These are mainly used in service-based businesses. This extension also works with WooCommerce Subscription and WooCommerce Bookings.

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