Perfect WooCommerce Brands

Perfect WooCommerce Brands is a plugin tool for WooCommerce that highlights the brands you have. And proffers the products’ description and presentation at your eCommerce site.

Why use this plugin?

Earlier only a very few people cared about the quality of the products, and the purchase was mainly based on the product price and quantity. But now the situation has changed substantially. 

So, What makes people go in pursuit of these brands? This is because people in this era are getting pretty much conscious about product quality as well. As a result of this, they are getting largely influenced by brands.

Brands are actually a guarantee of quality. It is a mode of product recognition among customers. Therefore for the effective functioning of a WooCommerce store, the user has to proficiently organize their site. This is done by adding quality products and highlighting the brands. 

The perfect WooCommerce Brands plugin is the perfect solution and the best tool to effectively organize your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can add product brands to your WooCommerce site. Also, it acts as a filter for your customers at UX exploration. Working with product brands can help to skyrocket your sales. It generates more trust among the customers. Thus more people rely upon your store’s products. 

Major Highlights

  • Ease of use
  1. It is a 100% free plugin with no ads and no premium version. 
  2. Fully responsive with a simple design. So it is highly user friendly.
  3. Very lightweight.
  • Short codes and Widgets

It provides short codes to display

  1. All brands.
  2. Brands carousel.
  3. Product carousel by brand.
  4. Brands for a specific product.
  • Widgets to display
  1. Brands as a dropdown.
  2. Brands as a list.
  3. Filter products by brand.
  • Functions 
  1. Allocate brands to every product.
  2. Associate a banner and a link to each brand.
  3. Allows the display of brands in product loops.
  4. Helps to easily import brands from other brands plugin.
  5. Provides brand tabs for a single product page.
  6. Enables you to choose your favorite brands easily.
  7. Provides Brand structured data.
  • Supporting features

The plugin expertly supports

  1. WooCommerce REST API.
  2. Visual Composer.
  3. Translation.
  4. WooCommerce built-in product importer/exporter.
  5. Dummy data installer.
  6. Customizable brands slug.

Looks like you got an eye on this plugin!

Add Perfect Brands for WooCommerce on your store and let your customers shop with their favourite brands.

Installation and Working

  • Navigate to the WordPress dashboard. Go to Add New plugins option and install the Perfect WooCommerce Brands plugin. Once the installation is completed activate the plugin.
  • Then, move to the Brands option under Products.
  • In the Brands page, you can add a new brand name, slug, description, brand logo, banner, etc.
  •  Once you have finished, you can see that the particular brand gets saved on to your list.
  • Next, go to the Widgets option from Appearance and add the Brands list to the sidebar so that it displays the Brands option on your website.
  • If you want to assign these brands to the products, go to the products page. Then select the product to which you want to assign the brand.
  • Assign the brand to the product on the product page. And click on Update.
  • Finally, on the All Products page, you can see the brand names you have assigned shown alongside the corresponding product.
  • Now when you open the website you can see the brand name and logo associated with the product displayed as per you have set up.

In the Appmaker Mobile App

Similarly, on the Appmaker Mobile App, you can see the brands are added as per the settings you have made in the dashboard.


The customers decide the success of a WooCommerce store. Therefore customer satisfaction is the most significant criterion when you are running a store. As we all know that people make their purchases with respect to the ongoing trend in the market at present. This is the reason why Brands are given much importance in today’s market. While other marketing aspects are getting rusted day by day, brands are remaining as the trend in the current market situation. Brands decide the quality of a product, it is actually a mark of excellence. Therefore Perfect Brands for Woocommerce plugin helps to assign brands to various products, thereby improving your WooCommerce store.