Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

If your company is selling products in bulk to your customer you need to add a minimum purchase limit to your customer. To achieve this feature we introduce you to the Minimum Purchase Plugin for WooCommerce by VARK. What this plugin is doing is to provide a set of rules to the customer like minimum purchase limit, pricing limit, etc. Customers must resolve these errors in order to proceed to get into the payment section. If an order didn’t follow the rules getting into checkout 

an error will show on the top of the page to show the customer that they need to fulfill certain criteria to place the order. The customer needs to follow the rules provided to purchase the product. This plugin also helps you to avail of promotions like “Buy 2 get 1 free” here you can set a minimum purchase limit of 2 to avail of the promotion. 


Show Error On More Pages 

You can show the message on all pages depending upon your requirements, you can find that option on the Rules Options Settings page. 

Providing Repeating Groups and Custom Messaging 

This plugin also helps you to set a minimum number of purchases like 6,12,18 etc. also it helps you to add custom error messages to show to your customer.

Provides You Best Customer Service 

As a company, our first priority is you as a customer. We can help you with setting the whole plugin as well as solve your problems with our customer service. The customer service will be open 7 days a week and for clearing doubts, we can set you a 1-on-1 Assistance if needed. 

Providing roles/membership and adding customs rules to your customers 

Many online eCommerce stores in the market get a different type of customers like wholesales who buys products in bulk, individuals who buy products for their own use, etc. So for monitoring each type of customer and their orders You assign roles to your customers with our plugin or you can choose some preferred customers who have taken a membership in your store. The way the plugin works is based on the roles which were assigned by WordPress and you can use this plugin to add some custom pricing rules as well as purchase limits. The roles can be managed from the role management plugins like “User Role Editor”

Make Custom Checkout Error Messaging 

On the checkout page, the applied rules will check the customer’s cart and pricing provided if it violates some of the rules the website will show an error to the customer. And they won’t

be able to proceed to the payment until the errors are removed by the customer. Checkout error messages are based on6 Text-based descriptive and Table based formats

Get this plugin for your WooCommerce store


Installing the Minimum Purchase For WooCommerce can be done within two easy steps. 

1. Upload the folder from minimum-purchase-for-woocommerce to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site 

2. You can activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress dashboard.