Flexible checkout fields for WooCommerce

Does your WooCommerce plugin lack the basic features like customizing checkout fields in an easy to use interface? If you are searching for the solution, then the best option for this is the Flexible Checkout Field for WooCommerce. This plugin helps to edit the default fields or add your own. With this, you can change the labels, set fields order, and field types. Different types of field types are available such as checkbox fields, data filed, colour picker fields, etc. 

The Flexible Checkout Fields plugin suitably integrates with the WordPress dashboard. And provides the best looking experience with its powerful tools to easily edit the Checkout fields. It gives the perfect purchasing experience by efficiently handling all the challenges related to the checkout process. 

Many of the users suggest that the toughest job while handling a WooCommerce store is managing the different fields in WooCommerce. But with the help of the Flexible Checkout Fields plugin you can make this task simple. It provides the tools to successfully handle the checkout fields. This includes time picker, date picker, and a color picker in WooCommerce checkout. You can easily add custom checkout fields, VAT ID number, upload file in the checkout, etc. Above all the plugin allows for delivery personalization as well.

Salient Features

  • Fields optimization

You can reorder the fields easily by just drag and drop. It also provides the option to show or hide fields from the checkout. Similarly, you can edit the labels and Placeholders so it instantly appears in the checkout. Also helps to manage the fields which are required or optional.

  • Custom fields

You can easily add custom fields to WooCommerce checkout. Single line text and Paragraph text is available. You also have the option to style your field by adding a custom class.

  • Field validation

Woocommerce has built-in validation of a phone number, email address, and postcode. So the plugin helps to use this validation in the new fields. 

  • Allows translation

The plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang. And helps you to easily translate filed data to multiple languages.

  • Meta names

You can easily set the meta name you want. This function helps you to easily integrate the plugin with your custom code.

Premium Features

  • Add custom fields to 12 other checkout sections.
  • Enable conditional logic for fields based on the checkbox, radio, select, shipping methods, products and categories in the cart, etc.
  • Multi-select option.
  • HTML or Plain text support.

Installation and Working

  • Navigate to the WordPress dashboard. Install the Flexible Checkout Fields plugin from the Add New plugin option. Then Activate it.
  • Now edit the checkout field settings by selecting the Checkout Fields option under WooCommerce.
  • You can set up the name, street address, company name, location, postcode, phone, email address, etc. on the Billing page. The field order can be rearranged quickly with just drag and drop. This page also provides you the option to add a new field. You can select the suitable Field Type, Label, and Meta name while adding a new field. Once the setup is done, click on Save Changes.
  • Similarly, under the Shipping tab, you can edit the Section Fields settings and add a new field if required.
  • In the Order page, you can set up the order notes, add new fields, etc.
  • The settings page allows you to disable jquery if there are any visual glitches.
  • Finally, on the website, you can see the checkout page as you have set up on the dashboard.

In the Mobile App

Similarly, on the Appmaker Mobile app, the checkout page appears as per the settings you have done on the Dashboard.


Customization of Checkout fields is no more a tedious task with the Flexible Checkout fields plugin. The plugin effectively manages the different checkout fields and helps you to add new custom fields with its powerful tools. Therefore you can proficiently customize your checkout fields in an easy to use interface with the help of the Flexible Checkout fields plugin.