Epeken-all-kurir Plugin for Woocommerce


Epeken-Courier Plugin for woocommerce is a WordPress plugin for woocommerce shipping method extension featuring all shipping company running together for Indonesia e-commerce. This document is to show how Epeken All Kukir plugin works on Appmaker mobile apps. 

Assuming you have installed the plugin on your website, if not, please follow this document to get started. 

These are the recommended settings:

  • Check “Enable this shipping method”.
  • Select the courier company that will be used for shipping from your website.
  • Select the City of Origin.
  • Check to enable calculation of weight or dimensions so that the postage can be adjusted to the weight and dimensions of the purchase.
  • Equate the “Unit of Weight” between the Epeken plugin and the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

The Checkout 

Shipping Address and Billing details

In the website:

Once the product is added to the cart, you can proceed with the checkout. You will get the billing details page where you will be asked to add the shipping address of your delivery location. Epeken enables you to select the City/Town and Province of the country (Indonesia).

Fill in all the details and proceed to Place Order.

In the App:

Similarly, in the mobile app checkout section, you will be asked to fill in the billing details where you will be able to select the Country, City/Town and the Province.

Selecting shipping methods

In the website:

After adding the billing details, in the order review section, you can select the shipping method based on the shipment location.

In the App:

After adding the billing details, you will be taken to the next page where you can select the shipping method based on the shipment location.  

After selecting the shipping method click Next and you will be able to review your complete order before placing it.

Selecting the Payment Method

In the website:

Select the Payment method of your choice. 

In the App:

Once the order is reviewed, the final step would be selecting the payment method in the mobile app. After which you can finish the checkout process. You will get a confirmation message saying your order has been placed.