Dokan pro

You always search for the best features for your multi-vendor store/marketplace, then Dokan is the best solution that you will find inside WordPress. Dokan is the perfect multi-vendor plugin for everyone who would like to build a marketplace of their own, embracing the best features at minimum or no cost under less time.


Dokan multivendor plugin helps save your time in building a marketplace. It provides the best-fronted experience extending the capacity of WooCommerce. Moreover, it can handle the marketplace of any type whether digital products, physical products, etc. with unlimited vendors and unlimited products. Dokan integrates with the WooCommerce plugin which provides the rest of the eCommerce functionality needed to power the store.


  1. No coding required to set up a marketplace thus saving time and energy.
  2. Vendors can create their own stores from scratch within minutes.
  3. Complete frontend experience for both customer and vendor
  4. Easy for vendors to customize stores.
  5. Well designed theme.
  6. Advanced shipping calculation features.
  7. Owners can set commission rates to earn from vendors.
  8. All popular payment gateways are supported for transactions and orders.


➨ Operations are smooth and fast

➨ Allows multiple ways of earning through vendor commissions or product-based commissions, so that the profit doesn’t get dependent on sales alone. Subscription packs can be created that allow you to charge for product uploads, product limits, and time. Vendors have their own personalized dashboard in the storefront end. Only the admin has the backend access.

➨ Vendors will have a detailed report on important aspects of the market place and overview from the front end. They can offer discounts, and set expiry and restriction for coupons.

➨ As an admin, you will have complete control over everything which happens in the marketplace. Also the seller will have its own store with a unique URL and branding.

➨ Customers can review the product/vendor which cannot be modified by the vendor.

➨ Customize the global outlook of vendor store pages using incredible store widgets made exclusively for Dokan.Beautiful storefront style with contact details and widgets. Also, store location maps on the storefront.

Best Marketplace and Independent Stores

When you install the plugin you will be provided with a unique URL and branding. You can also avail beautiful styles for a storefront with contact details and widgets.

Reliable Dashboard For Each Seller

Only you as an admin can be accessed the WordPress admin area. You can manage products, orders management, etc from the front end of the website itself. If you have a pro subscription you can get a per vendor percentage override.

Manage And Offer Discounts For Each Product

By using this plugin you can set expiry and restrictions for coupons. Also, the customer can leave reviews for products on your website. You can also view them and also using admin Override the vendors can manage their own product reviews.

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