Booster for WooCommerce

If you are looking for an all-in-one plugin that supercharges your website with hundreds of features and makes your website stand out from the competition. Then the booster for the woo-commerce plugin is for you. You can do absolutely everything from this plugin which an eCommerce website needs these days. If you are eager to look at the features this plugin provides let’s jump dive into it.


Best Pricing and Currency Management

This plugin provides you a wide variety of options for pricing your products and currency management. Some of the features are shown below and most features will be given on the Main Website of the plugin. We will cover the rest of the features ina similar way.

  1. Bulk Price Converter:- By using a definite set value defined by yourself. It multiplies all product’s prices spending upon that value.
  2. Currencies:- You can add every standard currency available and cryptocurrencies to your store. You can also change the symbols as well as use custom currencies.  
  3. Currency Exchange Rates:- Providing you an automatic Currency Exchange rate for your store.
  4. Currency for External Products:- You can set the different currency for products which are external products.
  5. Currency per product:- If you have customers from different countries you can add different currencies to each product.
  6. Global Discount:- If you need to provide discounts to all your customers you can add a global discount to provide discounts to all currencies.
  7. Currency Switcher:- Provides you a currency switcher to convert the currencies which your customer is intended to buy with.
  8. Multicurrency Product Base Price:- You can add a base price to all your products in different countries.
  9. For more, you can find it on Booster for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

Choose Your Button And Price Labels

For your Website aesthetics and to make make your customer purchase your products easily. You need to add an eyecatching label on the buttons and the price of the product.

The option this feature provides is given below.

  1. Add to Cart Button labels:- You can change the text in the add to cart button depending upon the product type, category, or individual products.
  2. Call For Price:-  If your products don’t have a definite price, You can add a call to price button. So they can call you to inquire about the pricing.
  3. Custom and free Price Labels:- You can create custom Price labels in order to get the eye of your customer on the prices. Also, Set free Price Labels provided in the free version.
  4. More Button Labels:- You can Add a “place Order” Button for placing orders for your customers.

Providing Best Product Management

One of the most important and difficult tasks in working on an E-Commerce website is product management. The listed below are the various option provided for product management from this plugin.

  1. Add to cart:- Set Urls for Adding the products to cart, which automatically adds the products to the cart. You can display Radio buttons instead of dropdown For different products. Also can disable the input of the quantity. You can add the external products on the cart with an external window. And also customize add to cart messages.
  2. Visibility of Add To Cart Button:- depending upon the product stock enable/disable add to cart button.
  3. Admin Product Lists:- You can customize admin products.
  4. Booking options:- You can add a booking option on your website if you are selling it on a booking based. 
  5. Cost of goods:- For Admin Reports you can save product purchase data into it.
  6. Crowdfunding Products:- Adds crowdfunding products in your store.
  7. You can find more in Booster for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

Reliable Cart and Checkout System

This plugin helps you provide a really efficient and reliable cart and checkout management system. Most of the features are:-

  1. Custom info for Carts:- In the cart section of your store you can add custom info into it.
  2. Cart Customization:- you can customize your cart page depending upon your sties aesthetics, hide coupon field, remove item link, change your empty cart to Return To Store button, etc.
  3. Checkout Core Fields:- You can customize core checkout fields, disable/enable them, set some fields as required, etc.
  4. For more check here Booster for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

Some Other Features:

There are a lot of features in this plugin if you download this plugin you can have pretty much everything you need as a WooCommerce store needs in today’s market. The following are some other features this plugin provides to help your store, The more detailed info about these features is shown in Booster for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

  1. Customizable and flexible Payment Gateways.
  2. Manages Shipping and Orders with custom address formats and other features for international shipping.
  3. Informative Invoicing in pdf formats and providing packing slips.
  4. Custom Email for your websites and Contact us pages and Other Miscellaneous Features.


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Booster”.

Use Boosters for your WooCommerce website