AW WooCommerce TIKI Shipping

It is never a cumbersome task to run a WooCommerce store if you have the right plugins integrated. Most of the WooCommerce store owners suggest that the biggest predicament they encounter while running a store is the calculation of shipping cost based on the total purchase at checkout. So now this problem can be effectively solved with the help of the AW WooCommerce TIKI Shipping plugin. It integrates the shipping cost with the total shopping of the customer at the checkout. The plugin has got several amazing features that make it a mandatory plugin for online stores. It provides a regular delivery cost for easy use. Also, it is regularly updated and provides assistance for 24/7.

Above all, the plugin provides information about the city of TIKI Jakarta throughout Indonesia. And it integrates the related city, province, and district so that the customers can fill the checkout form easily. The shipping costs are accurately calculated based on the cart details. It also allows the customers to check the postage on the product page. 

Salient Features

  • Tracking Shortcode and Tracking Widget that tracks delivery.
  • Sends the receipt number based on the tracking directly to the customer’s e-mail.
  • Assigns additional prices for packing, etc.
  • Allows free shipping based on specific conditions.
  • Check Shortcode Shipping and Widget Shipping.
  • Free upgrades and support.

Download this WooCommerce plugin for your store