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The Concept of Dharaa Stamps

Hobbies can take us a long way in life. Read the success story of Dhaara Stamps – an online store that encourages philatelists who are searching for Indian Stamps, Foreign Stamps, Postal History, Books, and other philatelic items.

We have started our operation in this field in 1995. My father Shri. M V Sharma has started doing this hobby in 1954. He enlarged his stamp collections and we are doing this as a business since 1995 with help of Shri. P C Jaiswal is our Godfather in philately.

Taking Dharaa Stamps to the Next Level with Appmaker

Appmaker: What is the story of Dharaa Stamps and what is it all about?

Dharaa Stamps is one of the promoters of King’s Hobby since 1995. It’s an Online marketplace for Stamp collectors, buyers, investors. Anyone who is having a passion for stamps can search our vast collections and buy online. We always send periodic updates of new releases and the availability of unique stamps to our customers on our Dharaa Stamps App.

Appmaker: Can you share any achievements or awards you have received for yourself or for the company

We have been participating in many philatelic Exhibitions all over the world. We consider this as a great achievement in our field of expertise.

Appmaker: Few words about Appmaker and its role in growing your business.

“The best App company to make any online business huge success.”

We found out from Google, and other social platforms that Appmaker is one of the best App development companies in India.

Appmaker helps us to reach our customers more easily through our App. Appmaker’s plugin with its deep integration facilitates quick shopping and payment processing via Dharaa Stamps App. And, more importantly, since the time we launched our app, many more customers have registered with us.

Appmaker: What would you like to say about Appmaker?

“Improve the UI of App for Checkout Flow”

Appmaker: What inspired you to start this company?

My main inspiration behind the start of Dharaa Stamps is mainly of my Father Shri. M V Sharma has started doing this hobby since 1954.

Appmaker: What made you decide to build a mobile app for your company?

Our idea of having an app was to reach all the philately customers with ease of buying stamps through a smartphone in no time. We are also able to send periodic updates of the new releases and the availability of unique stamps to our customers on our Dharaa Stamps App.

Appmaker: What all features in Appmaker are you using on a daily basis?

Category Releases.

Appmaker: What are your plans for the next two years?

We are planning to set up a Stamp Auction site.

Appmaker: Any tip or suggestion you would like to share with other store owners or aspiring entrepreneurs?

All new entrepreneurs will be benefited by selecting Appmaker as their business partner.