Steps to ready your app for Google Play Updates- Aug 2019

You might have been notified from the Google Play store, that your 32 bit App in Play store is going to expire. And that you need to upgrade it to the 64-bit app. This is because Google wants to ensure that the apps in the Play store support the latest Android Devices.

In case if you wondering What a 64-bit app is, let me explain it ahead.

The 64-bit app updates are to ensure high performance and security for all the apps. By August 1st of 2019, Google is expecting all the existing apps in the store and the new apps to update their native libraries with the 64-bit version. It doesn’t mean that 32-bit apps are going to be removed from the store. It’s just, besides 32-bit app, your app need the 64-bit version. This is to make sure that the app is supported in all the latest Android devices

This change is not going to affect you if your app works in Java or Kotlin, as it already supports 64-bit.

Whereas, you need to consider building a 64-bit version if

  • Your app has a native code ( possibly C or C++).
  • The app is connected to a Third Parties Native Libraries.
  • Your App is been build by an app builder that use Native Libraries.

64-Bit WordPress and WooCommerce Apps

Worried about your 32 bit WordPress and WooCommerce Apps?

Popular WordPress & WooCommerce App builders such as has updated their App building dashboard to ensure the apps also support 64 bit. And you can update your app to 64 bit with not much doing from appmaker’s Dashboard. Appmaker powers 500+ apps in Play store and have been continuously thriving to deliver the best native apps. As a result, the team is now able to deliver a 64-bit app for the existing apps and new apps that are build using Appmaker’s zero-code app builder.

If you are having your WordPress/ WooCommerce 32-bit app build using appmaker, you can update the app to 64-bit from appmaker’s dashboard by following the below simple steps.

Steps to update your app

64-bit app updates by google playstore
Appmaker’s Dashboard
  • By clicking the ‘UPDATE APP‘ you will be taken to edit the app name, icon, and more. You just need to let it be as it is and click the ‘SUBMIT‘ button,
Google Playstore app updates
  • Now you can see that your Android app is built. When it’s done, it will be having a 64-bit architecture.
Ready your app for Google playstore updates

Now you can upload the app directly to Google PlayStore by following this article.

Have your WordPress/ WooCommerce app build not using No Worries, you can convert it into 64-bit from appmaker’s dashboard. You get it done by just entering your WooCOmmerce store URL and uploading your App icon and Name.

Build a new 64 Bit App

Appmaker has made sure that their new customers get to build their app in the 64-bit version. Along with delivering highly optimized native apps, the team makes sure to stay updated with the running trends. Thereby, the native app builder of appmaker is set up to build 64- bit apps. Thereby, you can upload your app to the Google Play store without any hindrance.