1. How many apps can be created?

The pricing is for single app. However if you need to create multiple apps, we could provide bundle pricing. To get a quote of this, mail to mail@appilder.com

2. Can I change the layout of the app?

Yes. When you create the app, you could style the app. From the plugin, you can change the content of the app such home widgets, navigation menu etc.

3. Can I get a free preview?

Yes, once you create the app, you will get a free preview for testing purposes. You'll need to install the plugin we provide on your WordPress before trying the preview.

3. Is the pricing one time or annual?

The price is one-time. However, you will need to renew annually with 25% of the price to get support and updates after one year. Your app will work even if you do not renew for support and updates

4. Do you upload the app to store?

No. We provide signed APK and IPA files which you need to upload to store using your developer account.

6. Do I get the source code?

No. We don't provide source code. You will get singed APK and IPA files which can be uploaded to store

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