WooCommerce Brands

As a WooCommerce store, one of the most important aspects is branding. If you are selling products from different brands. You will need to market those brands and make customers for generating a conversion. This brand extension for WooCommerce allows you to create brands, with a name, description, and image. The brands can be shown in the following ways:

  1. The brands are Listed, indexed, on a page in order from A-Z shortcode
  2. Brands can be displayed on a page as a thumbnail using shortcode
  3. Using a widget brands can be displayed as a sidebar.
  4. After adding brands you can assign each brand to its products.
  5. Using a dedicated layered nav widget. You can use it to view products.

After assigning brands to the products, your customer can use a layered navigation widget to view products by brand. You can show the brand description in the archive or just use a widget instead. For listing the brands you can list in A-Z format using the A-Z shortcode, it makes find brands easy.  

Download this plugin for WooCommerce