Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening

We have seen websites been hacked and data are been stolen by hackers these days. This is a very big deal it will cost you a big price to make everything normal. You can remove this frustration and keep your website secure and clean by using our website protection service. Our main idea is to clean all your websites and fix hacks and secure sit from future attacks. We work on a cloud-based platform for every website.


Providing WAF Protection

With our WAF protection, we defend your website from hacks and DDoS attacks. Also, protect your website from malicious code. Hackers always try to find vulnerabilities in your website every day. We can find these exploitations and protect your site from suspicious behavior. Automated hacker attacks also happen on every website. We stop this kind of brute force attacks and prevent site abuse.

RealTime Monitoring

We use a variety of tools like Website malware scanner for checking any malware activity, SSL certificate monitoring For immediate alerts if your website’s SSL is modified, Etc. We also provide scanners for the server-side of your website. And other services like SEO spam Scanner, DNS Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring.

Faster Incident Response

We can help your remove website malware, other malicious code, and database. Our website firewall (WAF) blocks the attacks which are done by filtering malicious traffic. By stopping hack it helps your website speed up.

Makes Your Website Load Much Faster

WE can help your website speed up to 70% on average. This can be achieved with our caching options and global content delivery network(CDN). We also provide multiple caching options available for every website. In case of network failure, we provide HIgh availability and redundancy

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