Configuring push notification


Adding a member to your Firebase project

Step 1: Go to Firebase and Sign in Step 2: Click Settings, then select Permissions Step 3: On the Permissions page, click Add member Step 4: In the dialogue box, enter the user, domain, group, or service account you want to add as a member Step 5: Select a role for the new member, then click Add to complete the process ———- END ———-

How to Send Order Status to your Customers?

Push notifications are rich messages which you can send to your customers while doing business. By taking the full advantage of the native device features, you can encourage shoppers to repeat business with you.  Appmaker allows you to notify your customers about the product orders they have made.  You can send the order status to your customers when required. For this, you have to enable push notifications. Enabling push notifications Step 1: Login to your Appmaker Dashboard and go to Manage Step 2: Select Settings from the side-bar and click Orders from the list. This is where you can enable the push…

Setting up Push Notifications for Android and iOS apps and Firebase Analytics

Push notifications are used to send messages to the users even when they are not using the application. For example, when you launch a new product or give a discount to products, your customers can be informed with a push notification that appears on the Notification bar of their iOS and Android device. This increases the retention and engagement of users with the app. You can send the order status to your customers when required.  Follow the steps given below and finish setting up your Android and iOS push notifications: Note: For iOS, there are a few additional steps before…