Why choose Appmaker (Appmaker.xyz)?

Our solution is never cheap. Why? We don’t create shambles!

Eager to know about the pricing? Here it is.

We have witnessed many E-Commerce owners grow spectacularly with the help of mobile apps in past and also the ones who didn’t.

And for those who did, they got the majority of sales/customers via their mobile apps( which was about >70%).

When this is the case. It makes me wonder whether websites are wasted? Of course not! The store owners gain sales from websites too. But that rate has sunken tremendously.

Why take my words. Take a look at it yourself that how much mobile app are a part in better sales

Low sales and no customer retention? Why risk your dream online business with just websites. This is the best time to turn around your business with mobile apps. 

Our team has strivingly worked along with our customers to prove mobile apps are the first and best choice for E-Commerce businesses. And has never fallen.

Okay, Now success stories apart, what went wrong with the ones who didn’t meet the line? 

I would suggest, Start with a beginners mindset. Indeed Mobile apps belong to a different arena and it has different parameters. And hence Treat it the way you are starting a brand new E-Commerce business. Just as how you began with the Website.

Then it comes to letting your website visitors know about the E-Commerce app that you are up to launch. You can start the preparation in the beta stage itself. This helps you gather feedback from the targeted audience which can help you  iterate and present it rightly, 

Pro-tip: Having a banner on your website that says to download the app from Playstore/Appstore can help boost the download rate. Incidentally, you can download our E-Book on mastering M-Commerce.

What differentiates Appmaker?

Appmaker is not just a native app-making tool, but also app managing or even we can say it as a marketing tool built-in. It let you create and update banners inside the app, send push notifications, makes updates on the go using Admin CMS we provide.

Additionally, Our Growth team (which beloved me heads) works closely with clients to maximize profit through mobile. We help clients implement various digital marketing campaigns and app promotions to get app sales!

Our core agenda is to help you grow as well, not just standing as a bystander.

We have e-commerce mobile apps in every domain, be it fashion, grocery, electronics, books.. you name it. 

We have customers who came after trying what our alternatives/rivals had to offer. (TmstoreApppresser, Mobiloud to name a few).

Our CEO with Client in Canada!( See PIC)

Hence, whatever industry you are in and you wish to have an app. Look no more, Appmaker.xyz is there to help:)