Version release of iOS app (using Transporter)

Follow these steps for iOS version release procedure.

Step 1: Go to App store connect

Click on my apps ⇒ Select the app you want to release a new update.

Step 2: To start with iOS version release, click on VERSION OR PLATFORM ⇒ IOS ⇒ Enter new version number (Any number you wants must be greater than current version number eg: If the current version is 1.0 then the new version number will be greater than 1.0 that is, 1.1/1.2) ⇒ CREATE

Step 3: Now you will get a screen like below. Prepare for Submission.

All the details are automatically updated in the new version as you have already provided in the first iOS version release. Ex: screenshots, short description, full description, etc. You only need to upload the new IPA file.

Select a build before you submit your app. (For this you need to upload the new updated IPA file using the transporter.)

Step 4: You need to upload the IPA file in this step. (Using Transporter)

You can upload your app to App Store Connect by using the Transporter app on your Mac.

a) Find the Transporter app on your Mac. You can open Spotlight search and type in “transporter”. It will be the top hit.

b) Open the app ⇒ login to the app with the credentials you use to log into App Store Connect.

Apple may ask you to create an app-specific password during this step.

You can find the directions on how to create an app-specific password here.

c) Drag the .ipa file you have downloaded on your Desktop, to the “ADD APP” screen of Transporter.

[You can download the IPA file after you upload the certificates (Distribution and provision) to the dashboard]

d) Now you can see an overview of the app’s details. Click on ‘Deliver‘ to proceed with uploading.

e) The upload process will take a few minutes. Afterwards, you can close Transporter.

Step 5: After you have uploaded the app, select the build you have uploaded. Then click on Done

Step 6: Now you have selected the build and click on SaveSubmit for Review.

———- END ———-