The settings – WooCommerce Appmaker

Appmaker provides a wide range of feature sets and assists you throughout with all the support essential for the creation and managing of your app. Still, most of the settings and changes that could make your app more attractive mostly go undiscovered.

Let’s checkout some of the interesting settings and their purpose:

Step 1: Login to your  and click the Manage App button

Step 2: Click Update app on the sidebar and select Settings

You will find the below options:

Grocery mode: You can enable this option if you want to ADD a Quantity button to each product. This option will be the most suitable if you are selling groceries in your eCommerce store. The changes will be reflected for the products in a few widgets in your In-app pages like product scroller and products listed out in grids.

Switch the button Grocery mode on to enable this feature. Below is an example of Grocery Mode with quantity options available:

Product list type:
 Choose the way you want your products to be displayed in the app. The options provided include Grid and List. 
In the Grid option, image of the product will be displayed along with a small description of the product. Displaying products in lists is comparatively less appealing and the shopper’s attention decreases as they scroll down.

To choose the view, click Product list type and select your choice.

Similarly, the below options are also available in your WooCommerce App settings:

Enable Android Bottom Tab Bar: This will show the bottom bar on android devices

Disable Initial Caching: This will send a random value as param in each request. Keeping this disabled will update the content of the app each time app opens.

Show Share Button on Top: This enables the sharing option.

Show Language Switcher: If your customers are spread in different locations, you can use this great feature. The users may not know a common language. Enabling Language switcher will increase the customer experience. This option will be provided in the navigation bar of the user’s app.

Initial Language Switcher: Enabling this will ask the users the language when opening the app for first time.

Enable Currency Switcher: This is to enable currency switcher in the app.

Initial Currency Switcher: Enabling this will ask the users to choose the currency when opening the app for first time.

Hide Buy Now Button: By enabling this, Buy now button will be set as hidden.

Enable Login in Webview: This lets the users to log in in the webview

Responsive Image: Without cropping the product images you can resize the images in the app if you enable this option. Switch ON the button Responsive image and grid image will be responsive rather than a fixed size.

Show full name: Display the full name of the products in the In-app pages and product list. Switch ON the button Show full name if you want to display the full product name.

Dual Language RTL Check: By RTL, it means ‘Right-to-Left. Currently, there are about 10 scriptures all over the world where the writing of the scriptures starts from the right-hand side to the left-hand side. If you have enabled multiple language options and you have customers all over the world, this option will be appropriate for you. This will automatically RTL the corresponding RTL languages only.

Checkout Webview: Enabling this option takes the shoppers to your WooCommerce website’s checkout page. This option can be selected if a different payment gateway is to be used.

Remove star ratings: Shoppers refer to the ratings and reviews before they buy the product from an eCommerce store and there are chances that the data is skewed. You can remove the star ratings and reviews from the app by switching this button ON.

Force User Login: Think twice while opting for this feature. When you enable this option user will have to log in before they get to access the app. Forcing users to log in is not always a good idea. As reports say, 86% of app users have stated that login pages are bothering. You can choose this option if you want only the logged-in user to enter your app.

Hide Login: Switching on this button will disable login and registration in your app for users. App users will no longer need to register and login to access your E-Commerce App. You can switch back anytime if you want to. 

Hide Cart: Switch this button ON if you want to hide the cart option in your app to be hidden. This option removes the cart from the In-app page. The products that are added to the cart will be listed out only if a user clicks ‘Buy now’ button.

Display Cart in Webview: By enabling this, the cat can load in webview as well, other than the app.

Display Mobile Number Field in Registration: Enabling asks for the the mobile number while customer is registering in the app.

Show Payment Button on Uncomplete Orders: This displays a payment button in uncomplete orders in the orders list.

Hide Prompt Login: Users get easily annoyed of prompt login. You can avoid having a prompt log in while checking out by using this option wisely.

Hide Sorting: Sorting option can be disabled using this switch. Sorting will not be displayed in the app. You could switch back whenever necessary.

So, what are you waiting for?