Setting up a Facebook Developer Account

Follow these steps to set up a Facebook Developer Account yourself:

Step 1: Go to Facebook Developer Account and click Log In

Step 2: Go to the link and click Next

Step 3: Update your contact info such as primary email and phone number. Click Verify

Step 4: Select Developer and click Complete Registration

Step 5: Now click on Create First App button

Step 6: Enter Display Name and Contact Email. and then click Create App ID. The developers Dashboard page appears.

Step 7: Once the below page appears, Click on Facebook Login to setup Facebook login to our App:

How to invite a user to your Developer Account?

Make sure that the user is your Facebook friend.

Step 1: Go to Roles and click Add Administrators

Step 2: Enter user’s Facebook Name in the field and click Submit

Congrats! You are all set.

——– END ——–