Product Description titles and Product Viewing mode

For an eCommerce app, it’s a basic thing to explain the product that you are selling. Each product needs to have a description and some features so that the shoppers can read product descriptions and reviews before they buy the product. 

Appmaker allows you to write attractive titles for all these descriptions, short description, and specifications which you have already mentioned in your WooCommerce website. Let’s see how it is done.

Step 1: Log in to your Appmaker Dashboard account and click Manage App button

Step 2: Click Settings button at the bottom of the sidebar

Step 3: Choose Product Detail Tabs from the options listed out

Let’s check out what are the fields available in the Product Detail Tabs:

  1. Product ID to load product tabs: Enter any valid product Id which has the most elements such as description, specification, review, and short description in your WooCommerce website.
  1. Title (for description): This is the title of the product description. You can write your own title and make it more catchy. 
  1. Title (for short description): Write a title for short description for your products.

The above-mentioned titles for a product will be displayed if the corresponding entries (description, specification, and sub-description) are there on your WooCommerce site.

  1. Display Type: You can set a display type for the product description, short description, and reviews. By default, this is set to View within In-App pages. You can choose to view these in either in Web view or keep these Hidden

After picking your choices don’t forget to Save changes.

In the mobile view below, product details like color and size are updated.