Pick your Colors

Functionality comes first while considering the performance of your app. Still, the second most important thing is the layout and color of your app. 

Unless your app is attractive, it is difficult to drive more customers to your app. Picking the right color scheme for your app should be given the same priority as making the user-friendly.

Choosing a color pattern for your app while designing is often difficult. Appmaker proposes the simplest and convenient way for you to choose colors for your app. 

Here you can choose colors for different sections within your app. You can choose color suiting your brand colors or colors suiting your app icon. All you have to do is choose the colors and its done. Colorful and attractive Attractive.

Let’s take a look at how it is done

  1. Login to your ‘manage.appmaker.com’ and goto ‘manage’.
  2. Choose ‘update’ from the options listed out in the sidebar.
  3. On the screen select the ‘style’ option from the sidebar that is visible.
  4. A number of options where you can give or change colors will be listed out.

Top bar color: While opening your app, you can change the color of the top bar. In case if you are wondering what’s top bar of a mobile phone means, this is where the battery usage, time, mobile internet status, WiFi and even more icons are displayed at this top bar. 

Top bar text color:  Choose colors for the text that appears on the top bar.

Add to cart color: Select color for Add to cart icon in your app.

Add to cart text color: You can select the color for the text ‘Add to cart’ in your app.

Buy now button color: You can choose the color for ‘Buy now’ button in your app.

Buy now Text color: The writings on the ‘buy now’ button can be given a suitable color if required.

Drawer Header color: You can choose any color for drawer header. It is the top portion which you can view in the navigation bar. Normally a drawer header contains elements such as login icon or user profile.

Login screen background color: As the name mentions you can select a suitable color for login page background by clicking this option.

Login text color: Select a color for texts in the login page.

Login button color: Opt a color for the login button that appears in your app

In-app page background Color: Select a color for In-App page background color. These are the pages that appear when you open an app.

Variation initial color: You can select two colors for a single button. Buttons like ‘select size’, ‘select color’ etc in which the end users click to select an attribute are such buttons. Switching from one color to other color occurs while clicking the button. The color before selecting an attribute (eg: the color of the button ‘select size’ before clicking on it) is a variation initial color.

Variation initial text color: Select a color for the texts on the buttons with varying color property. By clicking this you can select a color for the writings on the button. This color will be the initial color.

Variation selected Color: Choose a color to which the buttons should change color into after the end-users clicks that button.

Variation selected text color: This is the color of the texts on the buttons after the transition. You can choose any color and when the end users select the button the color change can be viewed.