How to upload IOS App to Appstore?

Follow the steps below to upload IOS App to Appstore.

Step 1.1: Go to!&page=create to create Apple ID.(if you don’t have an Apple Developer account.) requires you to pay Apple an annual fee of $99

a) Fill up all the necessary information. 
b) Click Continue.

Step 1.2:

  1. Go to and log with your Apple ID.
  2. Accept Apple Developer Agreement.

Now you will get a window like below,

  1. Go to Developer Account

Step 1.3: When you click on Developer Account, You will get window like below,

Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Step 1.4: When you click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles,

 you will get a window like this,  Go to ⇒ Identifiers ⇒ Press  +
Step 1.5: When you click on PLUS button, you will get a window like below.

Check App IDs (Default) ⇒ Continue

Step 1.6:

a) Enter App name here.

b) Enter the package name here. (Please refer the Screenshot below)

Step 1.7: In Capabilities, Enable Push Notifications and click continue.

Step 1.8: Confirm your App ID, Click on Register

You Have Completed the first Session

Generating Certificate: (Distribution Certificate)

Step 2.1: Click on Certificates and click +

Step 2.2: select IOS Distribution App Store and Ad Hoc and click Continue.

Step 2.3: When you click on Continue, a window like below appears.

You need to download CSR (Click here to download CSR File) file and upload it here.

Upload CSR file and click Continue

And Click Download

Generating Provisioning Profile:

Step 3.1: Go to Profiles ⇒ Click on +

Step 3.2: Check AppStore and click Continue

Step 3.3 : Please Select the App ID (Identify with the Bundle Id) ⇒ Continue

Step 3.4:

Choose the distribution certificate created in the previous step.

Step 3.4: Enter Provisioning profile name ⇒ Generate

Click on Download

Upload the Distribution and Provisional file.

Step 4.1: Go to Dashboard ⇒ Upload to Store ⇒ select App Store ⇒ Click on I have an Account

Click Next

Step 4.2: Upload Distribution Certificate and Click Next.

Step 4.2: When you Click Next two times, a window will appear to upload provision File

Download the IPA file from here and keep it safe (we need to upload the IPA FILE in the coming step)

Step 5.1: Go to ⇒ Appstore Connect

Step 5.2: Click Go to App Store Connect

Step 5.3 : Click My Apps

Step 5.4 : Click +

Step 5.5:

Check Ios ⇒ Enter App Name⇒ Select Language⇒ Select Package name ⇒Sku ( Project Id is preferred) ⇒ Check Full access ⇒ Create

Step 5.6: Select Category

Enter Privacy policy url and Subtitle:

Step 5.7: Pricing and Availability:

Price ⇒ Select (Eg: usd free) ⇒ Save

Step 5.7.1: In Prepare for submission ⇒ Fill the Fields with appropriate texts.

Step 5.7.2: Add Screenshots here. (Iphone 6S & Iphone xs & Ipad)

Step 5.8: you need to upload the IPA file in this step.( Using X code)

You can upload your app to App Store Connect by using the Transporter app on your Mac.

a: Find the Transporter app on your Mac. You can open Spotlight search and type in “transporter”. It will be the top hit.

b: Open the app ⇒ login to the app with the credentials you use to log into App Store Connect.

Apple may ask you to create an app-specific password during this step.

You can find the directions on how to create an app-specific password here.

c: Drag the .ipa file you have downloaded on your Desktop, to the “ADD APP” screen of Transporter.

( You can download the IPA file after you upload the certificates (Distribution and provision) to the dashboard )

d: Now you can see an overview of the app’s details. Click on ‘Deliver‘ to proceed with uploading.

e: The upload process will take a few minutes. Afterward, you can close Transporter.

Step 5.9: After you have uploaded the app, select the build you have uploaded.

Step 5.10:

a)Choose App Icon and upload.

b) Copy Right.( Website owners provides// you will get it from website)

c) Routing App Coverage File( optional)

d) Rating: Click on Edit. And complete the Rating steps:

e) Enter the below Details for App Review.

f) In Content Rights and Advertising Identifier Click “No”

g) Click Submit For Review.

h) Waiting for Review: Final Page after upload the app.

Things we need to Upload IOS App:

  1. Apple Developer Account: Email-id and password.
  2. App Name
  3. Package name of the app
  4. Category of the app
  5. Privacy Policy url
  6. Promotional Text( short description)
  7. Description
  8. Key words
  9. Screenshots
  10. App specific Password And Mail-id!&page=signin ⇒ to create App specific password

  1. Downloaded url
  2. Copy right
  3. App icon
  4. Contact Information.

—————— End ——————-