How to test IOS App in the phone (I phone) using test flight

In order to download the IPA file from Dashboard, you need to upload the Distribution and provisional Certificate.

Generating Certificate: (Distribution Certificate)

Step 1.1: Click on Certificates and click +

Step 1.2: select IOS Distribution App Store and Ad Hoc and click Continue.

Step 1.3: When you click on Continue, a window like below appears.

You need to download CSR( **Click here** to download CSR File) file and upload it here.

Upload CSR file and click Continue

And Click Download

Generating Provisioning Profile:

Step 2.1: Go to Profiles ⇒ Click on +

Step 2.2: Check AppStore and click Continue

Step 2.3 : Please Select the App ID (Identify with the Bundle Id) ⇒ Continue

Step 2.4:

Choose the distribution certificate created in the previous step.

Step 2.5: Enter Provisioning profile name ⇒ Generate

Click on Download

Now we have 2 certificates. upload it in the dashboard.

Step 1: Goto Dashboard, in IOS click on Build IPA file/ Upload to store

OR Go to Dashboard ⇒ Upload to Store ⇒ select App Store ⇒ Click on I have an Account

Step 2:

Click Next

Step 3: Upload Distribution Certificate and Click Next.

Step 4: When you Click Next two times, a window will appear to upload provision File

Now we can download the IPA file and upload the file using putty/ any other options to the Apple developer account. and select the build which you upload and then click Save.

Step1: Go to Appstore connect ⇒ Apps ⇒ (Select App) ⇒ TestFlight

Step 2: Goto Appstore Connect Users⇒ ( Add Tester ) +

Step 3: Select the user by checking the box and then click on Add.

Step 4: Now you will get a mail of sending an invitation to test the app. click on view in test flight

Step 5: Open test filght on your phone. And Enter this code. ( as shown below)

Step 5.1: Open Test flight app in I phone and select Redeem.

****Enter the code in the box appears.

———- END ———-