How to setup Facebook login to your App?

Step 1: To enable Facebook Sign up, Go to and Sign in with your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click ‘My Apps’ drop-down menu and click on ‘Add New App’.

When you click on ” Create App”. A window Appears. Enter Display Name in the box and click Create App ID.

Step 3: Then you can see your ‘App ID’ on top. Now click on the ‘Setup’ button under ‘Facebook Login’. 

A new window Appears. Now select ‘Android’.

Step 4: Then it will show to download SDK. Skip this by clicking Next. Skip the import SDK step too by clicking Next.

In the next step, enter your package name which is given in “Appmaker manage dashboard ⇒ API credentials” and also enter the default Activity class Name which is com.woocommerce.MainActivity Press save and continue.

Step 5: In the next step, scroll down to the bottom and copy the these two hash keys and paste it there.



Make sure you copied the hash keys correctly. Then click Save and continue.

Step 6: In this step, you can enable or disable a single sign up. This will let your android notifications to launch the app.

Let us Disable it and Click Save And Next.

Skip the next steps from 6 to 10 in by pressing next. Then you will get this notification.

Step 7: Go to Settings ⇒ Basic ⇒ Enter privacy policy URL and Terms of Service URL ⇒ Click Save changes.

Toggle the switch at the top. This is to make it Live.

Here a warning Appears. Please choose the category. Choose the category and click the Switch mode.

Here the One section Completed. We made the status Live

Step 8: Copy the App Id and App Secret from the Facebook app dashboard to Appmaker dashboard settings.

Settings ⇒ Basic ⇒ App Id and App Secret( It will not Appear first, To show the password you need to enter the password once again.).

Step 9: Paste App Id and App Secret from the Facebook app dashboard to Appmaker dashboard settings ⇒ Social Login ⇒ (Paste)

Step 10: Go to Facebook settings Click the ‘Add platform’ which is visible at the bottom of the page. and a screen ‘Select platform’ will appear.

Click ‘iOS icon’ and a new screen will appear.

Inside the box IOS, you have to enter the bundle Id.

Now, Go to play console Click on your app and Click Release Management -> App signing -> Copy App signing SHA1

Step 11: Convert SHA1 to base64 from:

Copy the code and paste in the box and click on convert

Paste base64 code in facebook app settings where Hash Keys where saved and click save.

Step 12: Go to Appmaker Dashboard ⇒ Update App ⇒ ADD-ONS ⇒ Enable Social Login ⇒ Paste Facebook App Id ⇒ Submit

———- END ———-