How to Send Order Status to your Customers?

Push notifications are rich messages which you can send to your customers while doing business. By taking the full advantage of the native device features, you can encourage shoppers to repeat business with you. 

Appmaker allows you to notify your customers about the product orders they have made. 

You can send the order status to your customers when required. For this, you have to enable push notifications.

Enabling push notifications

Step 1: Login to your Appmaker Dashboard and go to Manage

Step 2: Select Settings from the side-bar and click Orders from the list. This is where you can enable the push notification for your order tracking

Step 3: Select enable from Send push notification for order status change

Step 4: Next step is to enter the FCM server key. Follow the steps below to know how you can get FCM key:

  1. Login to your Firebase Account

2. Select Your project from the list shown

3. Click Settings from the sidebar and choose Project settings

4. Choose Cloud Messaging from the options that appears on the screen

5. Copy the key from the Project credentials

The package status will be sent to the shoppers after you enable push notification.

For example, if the order is on hold, the user will be notified about that in their native device. Similarly, you can inform your customers about their package status. By granting accurate shipping details to your customers, you can enhance your online business.

Mobile view of an Order Status Change push notification:

Order Status Change notification