How to Manage the Add to Cart Button in your app?

If you are a retailer, you’ll be knowing how important it is to have an Add to cart button in your app. Shoppers clicking the Add to cart button implies sales, which is the basic purpose of most of the eCommerce stores.

Creating your eCommerce app with Appmaker lets you add, remove, and even change the styles of the Add to cart button.

Let’s see how you can manage the Add to Cart button in your app.

Hiding Add to Cart Button

With Appmaker, you choose whether to hide or show the Add to cart button. To know how it is done, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login to your and click the Manage button

Step 2: Click Settings on the sidebar

Step 3: Select Product Detail Tabs

Step 4: Enable or Disable Add to cart by clicking Hide Buy Now and Add to cart button

Note: The changes that you make here will be reflected on all pages and for all products.

Mobile view after enabling Add to Cart button:

Add to Cart button

Choosing the color for the Add to cart button

Experiencing our surroundings is only complete with colors. Colors can speak words, as said red could imply danger whereas white denotes peace. Hence, Appmaker offers you the option to customize the colors to complete your users’ experience.

Steps to choose the color for Add to cart button:

Step 1: Login to your and click the Manage button

Step 2: Click Update on the sidebar and select STYLE

Step 3: Scroll down, to the Add to cart button color field. and select an appropriate color from the color scale provided

Step 4: Click the Add to cart text color drop-down to edit the color of the on Add to cart button

Making a mobile app becomes the most interesting thing if you are creating your app with Appmaker.

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