How to create and delete an In-App page in your E-Commerce App?

A web page has a lot of possibilities compared to an In-App page while we talk about designing.  The limited screen size of apps adversely affects the designing of In-App page. 

Appmaker has considered all the possibilities that are required to enhance your Woocommerce app and the best designing tools are provided which requires no technical skills. 

The page followed by the splash screen in your app is an In-App page. You could create, delete and manage your In-App pages according to your needs.  

Consider you are creating an app for your E-Commerce store, you either want to

Display all your products in a single In-App page or you would like to categorize your products and on clicking a category you want to take your customers to another In-App page of that category, just like redirecting from a web-page to another web-page on a click, and here we’ll want to create  multiple In-App pages for your app.

 Let us take a look at how we can create them.

Creating an In-App page:

Creating an In-App page is a simple task, App-Maker helps you create and modify In-App pages for your WooCommerce site. After creating your WooCommerce app you could create an In-App  by logging in manage and click on the ‘manage’ button and here you could manage your app. 

  • The menu bar on the left side of your screen contains a lot of options including the In-App pages under the app content.
  •  Click on the In-App page and if there are any In-App pages that you have already created, their name will be displayed and the homepage will be displayed too. 

If this is the first In-App page you are going to create,

  1.  Click on the ‘create’ button and now you have to name your In-App page, For example – Home, Categories, Products and so on.
  2. Click the ‘save’ button to reflect the changes on your App.

Your In-App page is created, and now you have to add new content to your In-App page. For this provide a set of widgets which you could choose according to your needs. 

Visit the link to know how to manage your In-App contents and go to the link to know about widgets and how to utilize them.

Deleting In-App pages:

At times you will have to modify your app content and this could include deleting an In-App page. To delete an In-App Page it is as simple as creating one. Any updates you make are reflected immediately in your app, making it more reliable.

Follow the steps mentioned above to manage your In-App pages. 

By clicking the In-App pages under App content, the list of  In-App pages will be displayed. 
Click on the In-App page that you want to delete from your app and click ‘Delete’ Button to remove that In-APP page click ‘save’ button to reflect the changes.

Note: In case you have already set any actions for the deleting In-App page, you will have to make the changes to manage your In-App.

Learn about how to manage your In-App content