Generating iOS Screenshots for AppStore

Screenshots are the first impression that your app gives to your customer and plays an increasingly important role in the success of your app. So generating screenshots is an important step while uploading the app to the stores.

Let’s take a look at how to generate screenshots for uploading to the App Store.

Once you have the preview downloaded, the very first step is to upload the zip file to Appetize.

Step 1) Go to and upload the downloaded iOS zip file (preview) by clicking the Select file button. 

On successful upload, you will get a screen like this: 

Step 2) Click on the View button on the Upload successful screen and you’ll get to see the simulator. 

Step 3) 

  • You can tap on the play button on the simulator screen and the app will be launched on the screen.
  • Before taking the screenshots, choose the particular phone i.e, whether you want the screenshot for iPhone 6s, iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad Pro etc
  • After choosing the phone, you may click on the save screenshot icon below the simulator.

Now that you’ve got the screenshots with you, let’s see how we can resize them to make them suitable for uploading.

Step 4) Go to and select Appstore Assets and you’ll get a screen like this

Step 5) Click on the “Show mandatory only” icon at the top and you can see four of the major phones you have chosen.

Step 6) Choose the phone you wish to upload the screenshot by clicking on the templates of the phone shown below the show mandatory only button. (Here I’m showing an example of iPhone 6s)

Step 7) Upload the previously taken screenshot from the simulator by clicking the “Choose file” and you will be able to preview it on the right side of the screen.

Step 8) You can adjust the background colour if you want to and then download the same and you’ll have the screenshot ready to be uploaded to the store.

You don’t have to generate the App Icon manually here, unlike the Google Play Store. Once an IPA file is built, the app icon will be generated automatically.

———- END ———-