Currency Switcher

Step 1: The below code is the currency switch code which is in json. We edit this code according to our needs. Please make sure the syntax is added and removed correctly when you are editing the code:

{"currency":[{"name":"US Dollar","id":"USD"},{"name":"Euro","id":"EUR"},{"name":"United Kingdom Pound","id":"GBP"}]}

“name”: Currency in the specified country. (It may be possible to have anything that should be understandable.)

“id” : The unique Id for the currency (Very Important: Don’t make mistake)

Step 2: Go to JSON Minifier. This is used for compressing the code.

  • Copy and paste the above code in the 1st box and click Minify/compress to compress the code
  • Copy the compressed code

Step 3: Go to the Appmaker Dashboard of the project for which the currency switcher needs to be enabled

Step 4: Click Update app

Step 5: Go to ADD-ONS and paste the compressed code in CURRENCY LIST JSON field

Step 6: Next, go to settings and click ENABLE CURRENCY SWITCHER

Step 7: In the Dashboard, add Currency Switcher in the Menu category or in In-app pages.

Steps for adding the Currency Switcher in Menu category

Step 1: Go to Menu and click Add Menu Item

On the right side of the page, update the details as given below:

Step 3: Enter the Menu Title as Currency Switcher and select Type as Menu Item

Step 4: Next, from the Choose an action drop-down, select Currency Switcher and upload an image in the Menu Icon field

Step 5: Click Add and Save to complete the process

Mobile view of Currency Switcher:

Currency Switcher

———- END ———-