Apple login for iOS device

Make the login process for your app easier by implementing the Apple login feature and the Google login feature.

You can cut down the painstaking process of creating a new username and password for your app by logging in directly using these super-cool features!


  • The Apple login feature is available for iOS devices above iOS version 13.
  • If Push Notification is not configured, Apple login will not work and will show an error when uploading IPA.
  • Please ensure that you enable Apple sign-in as given below:

To implement the Apple login feature for your app, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Setup Push Notifications for Android and iOS apps and Firebase analytics.

Follow the steps mentioned in the link and set up a push notification and Firebase to proceed further.

Step 2: Go to your Appmaker Dashboard. Click on Update App

Step 3: Enable Apple login by clicking on the Enable Apple login button in the Misc section under Update App.

Step 4: Go to Firebase and login to your app account

Step 5: Next, go to Authentication. Click Get Started

Step 6: Click on edit for Apple and enable the button. Click Save

Follow this easy process to get the Apple login feature up and ready for your application. 

Note: Apple will reject the app if google login is enabled while apple login is not enabled

Happy app-building!