App-Only Coupons

Step 1: Go to WP Admin. The URL is your website URL/wp-admin

(for eg: ). The login page appears

Step 2: Enter into the admin page by logging in using the Username and Password

Step 3: Click on WooCommerce and select Coupons from the drop-down

Step 4: On the Coupons page, click Add coupon

Step 5: Enter the Coupon code and other details. Then, add General details in the Coupon data fields. Select the Generate Coupon Code button if you want WooCommerce to auto-create and enter a coupon code via algorithm.

Step 6: Click on Usage restriction to enter the details.

Step 7: Next, check the App-only coupon to make it applicable only to the apps

Step 8: Click Publish

The coupon is updated now.

To view the new coupon, Go to Coupons and check

—— End ——