Why do you need caching in your app?


A way for storing recent content or datum near to the end-users is called caching. It is one of the most advantageous technology which you could implement for your apps. The main purpose of caching data is increasing the speed. 

Developers try different tools and techniques to increase optimization and speed. While caching is implemented, the shared data including images are downloaded and stored in users device which makes retrieval of data more faster.

In the network path caching is done at various levels including CDN and the local browser.

Advantages of caching:

Reduces latency: As the loading time increase, the possibilities for abandoning a purchase increases. Caching reduces latency and increases digital experience.

Availability of content: the loading time increases due to many reasons like the network facing constant interruption or due to random outrages. In this context caching serves content to the end users.

Depresses network congestion: Huge amount of data is handled by internet daily, additionally, the internet has to manage the traffic. while caching there will be an immense decrease in network congestion. 

 While creating your app, appmaker lets you opt whether you want to enable caching for your app or not.

Caching your app details:

To enable caching for your application follow the given steps.

  1. Login to your ‘manage.appmaker.xyz’ and click the ‘manage’ button.
  2. Goto to the ‘setting’ option which you can see on the sidebar.
  3. Click ‘caching’ and you can choose whether you want to enable or disable caching for your app
  4. You can choose the caching time. Enter the time in seconds inside the text box is given and save changes.